Women dating blue collar men

14-Sep-2017 16:24

Apparently the term covers doctors, lawyers, and basically men in general who are in power. But my question is: What kind of women attract quality guys? You're cute and thats fun sure, but I would suggest that the reason you are dating "another" white collar guy is because these "powerful" men get want they want and then keep on going.

well op, if you're dating ACTUAL doctors, lawyers or the like at your age, you may find your goal of a storybook lifetime commitment elusive. Just like christ mentioned, it won't be until you are bringing something to the table as well that you manage to hold onto one of them, until then you'll just be a little playtoy for them.

As I explore my options, I’ve noticed some undeniable classism on my part.

these people will all be significantly older than you and will probably have accomplished far more than you, to succeed in their rigorous professions. He would also be all the usual things - bright, funny, ambitious, has his life on the right track, yada, yada. And older quality guys don't date teenagers - that whole "equal partner" thing.

He also married a woman from the white-collar world and described the challenges that created.

The result for him was feeling out of place in both worlds. When I scroll through dating profiles, I now see how my litmus tests are not benign.

In the United States, a pink-collar worker performs jobs in the service industry.

In contrast, blue-collar workers are working-class people who perform skilled or unskilled manual labor, and white-collar workers typically perform professional, managerial, or administrative work in an office environment.

16 08 - And I grew up observing how the white collar woman and blue collar man can be a great match. 21 04 - One is that I'm a sex fiend and my man is more boy-toy than boyfriend.