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Image source The Germans take their spa culture pretty seriously. Of course, I have no right to be offended by any of this. Nonetheless, I felt a curious mix of intense awkwardness and a very real fear of losing myself in a childish fit of giggles at this whole experience. In fact, Germany has one of the largest spa cultures in all of Europe, with over 900 spas registered across the country. The men proudly swaggered around the complex, chests puffed, wagging their willies around for the world to see. They were pretty impressed with their immaculately groomed nether-regions, that was clear. Bathing suits were permitted in one section of the thermal pool area. Some of the women in my company chose not to venture out of this area for the remainder of the day. In the end, I was happy that I gave the German spa a go, even if I did stay within the vague proximity of my comfort zone in not stripping off. The wardrobe was too big when she tried it out on set that night and she happened to have that costume in her car.See more » Bunny and Bibi are the first ones to discover that the zombies can be tamed by boobs, yet they run and put clothes immediately after they figured this out.

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Although the park is in Hamilton, the short drive is worth it for those who would love to get into their bathing suits and relive their childhoods.

We are a non-landed club that hosts bowling, volleyball tournaments, swimming, camping, and other events throughout the year.