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star Lu Ann de Lesseps while sharing details about her new Hamptons home, now undergoing a renovation that will be completed just in time for her new fiancé, Smart Source CEO Thomas D’Agostino Jr. Listen, if you have to put a checklist together: he’s smart, he’s elegant, he’s successful, he’s good looking, he’s sporty like me. LDL: [She scoffs at the notion] It’s so funny because he knows all these people from the show and I’ve never seen him in my life. Somebody said to me, ‘How can you hang around Ramona? She’s my dysfunctional family member, what can I tell you?

(“they”), to move into the new master bedroom (“ark”) before the couple’s New Year’s wedding. All these women know him but I’ve never seen him before. We move in the same circles, more or less, so it’s really interesting how we never came to be in the contact with each other. Will you lose your Countess title once you marry him? I wear a lot of my stuff on the red carpet, I wear it to events, I wear it in the Hamptons, I wear it everywhere.

Everybody knows.” So Frankel does what she does best and goes on the attack. “I don’t know the exact definition of slut shaming but if it’s calling out the fact that Lu Ann writes books on etiquette and behaves like a complete whore when she’s out then I am guilty.” PHOTOS: Health Issues, Drinking Problems & More—Are The ‘RHONY’ Women OK?

They continue hurling accusations at each other for the rest of the episode.

Carole Radziwill, wearing a dress made out of old chiffon curtains, comes to Frankel’s defense at every turn.

At one point she mutters “bitch” just slightly under her breath like a side-kick should.

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In the Berkshires, de Lesseps accuses Frankel of copying her hairstyle.

Still distressed from the drama that has defined the eighth season of the Bravo franchise, de Lesseps hops on a phone call to chat about her upcoming nuptials, the constant cat-fighting on reality TV, her current projects, and more. You’re engaged to Thomas D’Agostino Jr., who we just met on the show. LUANN DE LESSEPS: Last summer, I was in the Hamptons and got a phone call from Dorinda [Medley, a fellow ] and she said: ‘There’s a guy at this party who I know and I like very much and he’s the male version of you.’ So she puts him on the phone and it was, you know, awkward. We kind of kept missing each other: I was in Europe, then he was away and I was in New York, and he was in the Hamptons and then I was in the Hamptons [but] he was in New York—we were both very busy. If I knew then what I know now, I would never [have let all that time pass]. Funny enough, I was in the Hamptons and somebody sent me a tarot card reader, which I’m not a big believer [in], but she was looking for some clients out there and it was a rainy Sunday and I said: ‘You know what? LDL: Well, listen, once I get married officially I lose my title but, like someone said to me, ‘Once a Countess, always a Countess.’ It’s been an amazing ride and now it’s time to move on. They’re very comfortable, easy-to-travel-with [pieces]. You also have an infused vodka coming out in the fall, correct? I have a collection of infused vodkas, which are coming out this fall [and] I’m very excited about.

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