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10-Feb-2018 06:46

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I love using questions as titles, especially when I’m writing a piece that’s intended to spark conversation or self-reflection. For example: : 7 guidelines for writing emails that people actually want to read.

Words like “lessons”, “guidelines”, “insights”, and “tips” can convey the same helpful, instructional tone.

Let’s face it, when you boil it all down, meeting women online is essentially a numbers game: The more women you email, the more responses you’ll get, the more phone numbers you’ll get and subsequently the more dates you’ll get. It’s obvious that if the number of emails you send increases, and the percentage of women who reply remains the same, then responses will increase.

This is the most obvious way to get more results and its the first way most men try to improve their online dating results.

maybe you’ve already emailed every attractive woman you’re interested in within your area… So what about increasing the percentage of women who respond?

A few examples: : 100 questions to inspire rapid self-discovery (and spark your next talk, date, blog post or book.) : 10 mini love notes from Valentine’s Day. : 50 ways to say “You’re Awesome.” (So popular, it led to a book deal! Personally, I’m a very “instructional” kind of writer. On the other hand, they do offer some “exciting ideas”… just like with lists, they’re pretty easy to title! Here’s how to nail your message, feel great & SHINE. Using words & phrases like “backstage tour”, “sneak peek”, “inside glimpse”, “secret trip”, “virtual tour”, “what’s inside”, “behind the curtain” and “how I really do it” can all convey this sense of voyeuristic delight. (Note to self: do more backstage tour-style posts, in the future! A few examples: : Read this when you can’t remember who you are, what you do, why you do it — or how to talk about it.

well, it’s pretty darn easy to come up with a title. I get completely riled up & excited whenever someone I admire offers a “backstage tour” into their not-so-public world. I love using phrases like “Read this when” or “Open this when.” It immediately helps the reader decide if this particular piece of writing is going to “speak” to them, right now, or not.

Have you been giving your email subject lines the careful attention they deserve? Stop thinking of subject lines as titles, headlines or placeholders—think of them as the first step in a long seduction, slowly drawing your recipients in.

When I say that compelling email subject lines can seduce your recipients, I’m not talking seduction in the pick-up-lines-and-hotel-rooms sense of the word—in fact, that’s exactly the wrong way to do it. Words and phrases like “favorite”, “biggest”, “newest”, “ultimate”, “infinite”, “top picks”, “absolute”, “can’t live without”, “of all time” and “… A few examples: : My favorite writing music [sexy, mellow, a hint of electronica] : 10 of the best first date questions … : The ultimate guide to naming your “thing.” : Infinite reasons to be happy & hopeful: the longest love-list that ever lived.