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To install and update the ADT Plugin, you can take advantage of the Eclipse remote update feature.

By setting up a remote update site, you can easily download, install, and check for ADT updates.

Alternatively, a specific plug-in or update site can be selected by going to menu Help -- Installing new software is the way CCS and Eclipse define a feature or capability that is not yet currently installed.

This feature or capability can be a new major version stream of the compiler (5.x if you only have 4.x installed, for example) Note: if you need to install an entire new feature such as a new device family that was not selected during initial install, or a new JTAG debugger family or manufacturer, check the Installing an entirely new feature section below.

Before you begin, take a moment to confirm that your development machine meets the System Requirements.

If you will be developing in Eclipse with the Android Development Tools (ADT) Plugin — the recommended path if you are new to Android — make sure that you have a suitable version of Eclipse installed on your computer (3.4 or newer is recommended).

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This allows you to check for updates to Code Composer Studio, third party emulation drivers as well as updates to other Eclipse plug-in packages that you have installed.

This problem will cause new Android projects not to generate an initial Activity, even when that box was checked. Leave unchecked "Contact all update sites during install to find required software". See this stackoverflow post and this other one for more details.