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Danny Mallia decided he’d make this jump extra special by bringing his trusty tuba along for the ride!The professional musician skydives on a regular basis, but this was the first time he put on a show while soaring through the air.On January 22nd 1967, Abbe Lane performed a Spanish language version of "Spanish Flea" on the CBS-TV program 'The Ed Sullivan Show' (she sang it a medley with "Call Me" and "La Bamba")...One year earlier on March 13th, 1966 Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass's version of the song entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; and on April 10th, 1966 it peaked at #27 (for 2 weeks)...It definitely takes a lot of talent to concentrate on hitting the right notes when you’re hurtling through the sky.

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"Spanish Flea" is a popular song written by Julius Wechter in the 1960s with lyrics by Cissy Wechter. 24 and gaining a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental.

But before that, it was a huge Top 40 hit in its own.