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She’s planned a risky game of William Tell and a cutlery-free dinner of “ye olde” Cornish hen and fingerling potatoes.

Its windows look out upon this neighborhood that throve and lived fully, even vibrantly declined, then disappeared. For Amal Al Hasan, the sagging woodframe structure will always be an international hotel, a corner home in the wide world, the rambling quarters in which so much of her family converged from Palestine.

It stood askew, for it was built to fit neighborhoods replaced, in the very same space, by later neighborhoods. I walk to the back, look through the corridor to the front door, climb the rotten and severely listing stairs, peer out at the lonely city.

The land had been fitted to a pre-1900 plan for an expansion of Riverside, just southwest. I expect no sound but hope for some ghostly response, perhaps Gertrude or Mildred, who lived here in 1932, when the house was known as the Homelike Apartments. The directory tells me, in no uncertain terms, “Magnolia ends,” and then: “No return.” Amal so loved the stairs, the balcony, the porch. Though I long for specifics, all I think now is that everything has happened within the radius of my sight, remains.

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Now most Aberdeen-Angus cattle are cross-bred, and the amount of pure-bred Aberdeen-Angus beef on the market "is very very small", says Ron Mc Hattie, chief executive of The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society.

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