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From Monday to Friday you may notice that the camera follows where the pandas are going and zooms in close. When the keepers are seen on the TELUS Panda Cam, this is because they are clearing out the old uneaten bamboo and providing fresh bamboo to the pandas, which they need to do several times a day. Our camera has a sensor that indicates how dark the room is.This is because we have a Giant Panda Behaviourist on-hand who operates the camera. If you are noticing that the video is freezing, please refresh the page and it should re-boot quickly. If the light reaches a certain point, the camera switches to our night-time vision so that we can clearly see what the pandas are doing, which is black and white.By the end of June, the Tencent-owned social networks Weixin and We Chat drew a combined 960 million monthly active users.The NBA signed a five-year streaming deal with Tencent in 2015, worth a reported 0 million.

In streaming court cases, the SPC and local judiciary are part of a worldwide trend.Every day in China, thousands of young women log onto their computers — makeup freshly applied, plastic-surgery scars still healing, at times — and promptly begin broadcasting live to millions. Sometimes it's high-production value entertainment, sometimes just a meal to be eaten.In China, there are 150 internet platforms for viewers seeking out just about any form of live-streamed entertainment they the most complete multi-camera production and media publishing solution for creating visually stunning programs for live streaming, online video, projection, post production, broadcast, and social media.

3Play gives sports producers at any level more real-time capabilities than any other multi-camera replay server with instant replay, slow motion, in-game highlights, graphics, and social media publishing.Streaming live from Woodland Park Zoo’s Banyan Wilds exhibit, the Tiger Cam lets you keep up with Malayan tiger brothers Liem, Eko and Olan in between visits.