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20-Jul-2017 21:49

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SO I check the profile (although I dont include anyone I dont actually know)., It is usually a girl that says "i love your profile.. come check out mine" which I dont because I already know what the site is going to be; one of the kind you just mentioned. ALthough I am not sure what annnoys me more, the fact that someone is trying to be deceitful in getting me to look at their site, OR that it is a girl. 'cause yeh, I might just go look if it were a guy haha ;)So I have mentioned Saturday and put up all the party pics so i thought I should put up some pictures of the Nina and some pictures of the guitars for hope that are at Chanel 17 and will be auctioned off for charity.That being said I'm looking forward to seeing both Timika's and Jen's pics from the party once they are posted.Right after the financial crisis hit at the beginning of 2009, Los Angeles was probably running at about 50% unemployment.My friend Kate worked at Trader Joe's, and they received 300 applications for one job opening.Yeah sometimes it is a legit web page that then leads to a pay site that has nude pics. If I want to go one of those sites then I will do that On my own, just be honest about it.Wow that rant wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be.Two years ago, well before I even had the idea of being a camgirl, I was sitting in the audience of one of my burlesque shows listening to a couple dudebros in front of me talking loudly over the music. I state openly on my profile that I have 2 boyfriends, both of whom are okay with one another, as well as with me camming. I marvel at women that wear make up every day, honestly.

The counseling center I volunteered at started to fill up with clients who had been unemployed for a year and were deeply depressed, considering suicide. I was sending out ten resumes a day to Craigslist jobs, with no responses.Maybe I will talk more about this at a latter time.

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